Summer School Switch Up


Isaiah Johnson, Staff Writer

This summer, TMHS will host summer school for the first time. This will make it more convenient for students here to earn their credits.

“I’m planning to graduate early, so I decided to take my last credits over the summer,” junior Madeline Jensen said. “Having the classes at my regular high school makes the drive to school way easier.”

Transportation is also provided for a few summer programs such as Bilingual/ESL PK-K, ESL Academy, EOC Camp, STAAR Camp, and Extended School Year. Students from Tomball High School can also take school transportation if they are making up credits.

“Classes you can take online go from 7:30 to 12:30,” Counselor Angela Wartick said. “But for the classes you can’t take online, such as PE, you must go to the school.” 

Original credit classes over the summer are very popular and tend to fill up very quickly.

“I signed up early for economics this year because I know a lot of people like to take that class over the summer,” Madeleine Jensen said. “Good thing that I got in early because it’s already full.”

The only original credit classes students can take over the summer are government, speech, health, PE, and economics.

“Summer school is really only designed for make up credits,” Wartick said. “A lot of parents get that mixed up because they think they can take any classes they want over the summer.”

Make-Up credit registration starts June 6.

“Right now all original credit classes are full, but there still is time for you to sign up for make-up credits,” Wartick said.

During summer school there is a change of administration; Kathy Standefer is over STAAR Camp, David Unruh is over EOC Camp, Hafida Becker is over Bilingal/ESL PK-K, and Mark Vierkant is the Summer School Principal.