Pharmacy technicians prepare to earn license

Abigail Cannon, Staff Writer

For two periods a day, students in the clinicals classroom work toward receiving their pharmaceutical license. In May, these students will have the opportunity to become a certified technician.

Pharmacy tech is a beneficial class for those hoping to enter the medical and healthcare fields.  

“I originally wanted to do personal training,” said Louise Zanoria. “But as I was looking more into pharm tech, I saw how much more beneficial it would be to me so I chose pharm tech.”  

In order to get their license, pharm techs go through a long but rewarding process.

“Trainees have to be working towards or have a high school diploma or GED, no criminal history, fingerprinting, and a fee of $55.” said Humzah Hassan.

To receive their license, students must also complete the Principles of Health Science class, a year of clinicals, and a year of medical terminology. Once those requirements are met, trainees receive a license to shadow under a technician. 

“I can help pharmacists and pharmacy assistants and depending on the pharmacy, count pills, aid customers, fill prescriptions, and aid around the pharmacy or hospital as needed,” said Hassan.  

After shadowing a technician, the trainees will take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam in May, which allows them to work in any retail pharmacy.  

If I pass my pharmacy tech exam then I am eligible to work in pharmacies as a technician and they get paid more than double minimum wage” said Zanoria.

There are a total of nine students currently enrolled in the clinicals class.