Serving in a new court

Junior athletic trainer Leila Martinez recently took on the role of volleyball sport leader


Nicole Chambers

With a smile on her face, junior Leila Martinez, tapes junior Lexi Stephens’s wrist for extra practice . “I was practicing my taping in case an athlete came in and needed to be taped,” Martinez said. Trainers constantly practice taping each other to ensure their skills are always as best as they can be.

Nicole Chambers, Contributing Writer

After just one year on the job, junior Leila Martinez’s work as an athletic trainer has already paid off.

Martinez recently took over as the volleyball sport leader this school year and is becoming one of the leading trainers in her class, which comes along with the stress of a new territory, a new feeling of elation and praise from those who taught her.

Taking Over the Job

“I wanted to be the new volleyball sport leader to not only become more successful but also to create new bonds and help other people which really inspired me,” Martinez said.
Martinez took over as the volleyball sport leader this school year after being a trainer for just one year.
“When volleyball made playoffs I was ecstatic but also stressed because that meant far games on school nights and I felt I had to support them all the way,” Martinez said.
As the sport leader, Martinez, is required to attend all the games to support the team and help any injured players.
“I’ve created bonds with a lot of girls, especially the freshmen, they love me,” Martinez said.
Martinez started working with the volleyball girls early this summer and up through November, creating special bonds with the team.

Life as a Trainer

“I’m super excited to get my own squad soon but I’m also pretty nervous because I want to see them succeed,” Martinez said.

Working for Leila is entertaining because she is such a lively person to be around, she really inspires you”

— Dusten Tittel

Martinez was recently honored by receiving her own training squad, meaning the coaches think she is responsible and successful enough to pass down her knowledge to her team members.
“Working for Leila is entertaining because she is such a lively person to be around, she really inspires you,” junior Dusten Tittel said.
Tittel is a member of Leila’s squad and enjoys working and laughing with her at games and practices.
“Leila works really hard, she really cares for people and the job she’s doing,” Coach K, an athletic trainer teacher said.
When discussing Martinez’s work ethic, Coach K talks about how hard she works even during stressful weeks, portraying her true care for her job.

Planning for the Future

While she enjoys working as an athletic trainer, Martiinez also works toward other plans for life after high school. Around two weeks ago, Martinez became a first responder when she obtained her certification card.
“I actually just became CPR certified and a certified first responder,” Martinez said.
Martinez’s dream school has always been Baylor University, where she hopes to earn her degree as a pharmacist and follow in her uncle’s footsteps.
“I’m planning on staying in the medical field and studying at Baylor University to pursue my passion for medicine,” Martinez said.
When asked about what improvements Coach K has seen from Martinez, he said she enhances her confidence everyday and manages to keep the same positive and contagious attitude.
“The number of skills she possesses has improved with confidence everyday,” Coach K said. “I see her becoming very capable of new skills while keeping that smile on her face.”