FCCLA heads to Regional competition


Courtesy of Kendall Vineyard

Last year’s FCCLA officers at a competition

Madaline Cannon, Copy Editor

FCCLA left for their regional competition in Galveston today and will be there through Saturday. This competition will determine who advances to state.
“It’s like any other conference, you pick a subject and you have these projects that you make and present in front of judges,” senior and FCCLA reporter Bailey Starcher said. “The top 5 from each group go to state. There’s also tests you can take and if you get above an 80 on that you get to go to state as well.”
FCCLA is a career-based program for various interests and includes subjects such as business, accounting, cooking and education.
“I’ve done education for the past four years,” vice president Kendall Vineyard said. “My first year I did a test focused on education and I’ve done that test every year after.”
Members can also compete in star events, which is an individual event that you present in front of a panel of judges.
“I’m competing in Teach and Train,” Vineyard said. “My event is focused on secondary math. Last year and this year I was in the intern program so I did not have to find a teacher to ask if I could teach in their class. I went to Coach Wiesmann and he let me intern in his class.”
Members can also compete with partners in entrepreneurship, applied math and sustainability challenges.
“My entrepreneurship project is coming up with a business and the only missing part is you don’t actually have that business,” Starcher said. “We came up with this idea called ‘ABC Tutoring’ which is for low income kids in inner city areas to help close the education gap between higher and lower income schools. We have to come up with a facility, supplies, budget, management,and hiring process.”
Last year, the team’s Focus on Children team won Regionals, State, and placed second at Nationals.
“This year our topic is about the dangers of screen time and alternatives to being on your phone,” sophomore and public relations officer Maggie Gray said.
This year, FCCLA members hope to go to state and eventually get the opportunity to go to Nationals.
“I joined to get my letterman and stayed because it’s such a good group,” Starcher said. “I really want to go to State so I can continue to improve my project.”