How students are overcoming quarantine boredom


Courtesy of Sydney Cooper

A cake baked by freshman Sydney Cooper.

Madaline Cannon, Copy Editor

We’re all in this together. Whether you’re self isolating or social distancing here are tips from students to overcome boredom during the pandemic.

  • Watch a show you normally would not watch on Netflix or Disney Plus
  • Find new music
  • Bake! I’m sure your family would appreciate it
  • Paint
  • Build a fort
  • Read a book
  • Do a puzzle
  • Actually do your homework
  • Practice your instrument, according to the band directors this makes you immune
  • Play Animal Crossings New Horizon
  • Go on a walk with your family
  • Cover your driveway in chalk
  • Watch the sunset
  • Send letters through snail mail
  • AP Economic students should join Mrs. Temperilli’s google meet Wednesday and Thursday

Senior Emma Lacour recommends downloading the new Animal Crossing game.

“Download Animal Crossing New Horizons,” LaCour said. “It is worth your time and money.”
Senior Emily Shaw recommends doing anything but stay on social media or watch the news.
“Coloring is proven to be beneficial for stress relief, so that is good for the world’s craziness right now,” Shaw said. “I also recommend becoming pandemic pen pals with your friends.”

Freshman Sydney Cooper recommends baking.

“I made my own cookie recipe and did not stop until I got it right without looking it up,” Cooper said. “I really want to be travelling right now, but I’m just travelling from the fridge to the pantry.”