Clubs adjust to altered school year


Laurie Carrillo

Club officers are finding creative ways to include as many students as possible.

Sarah Arnold, Staff Writer

With many students home due to COVID-19, clubs have turned to virtual meetings in order to incorporate both virtual and in person students.

“We decided to offer virtual meetings because we believed it was best for the safety of the students,” American Sign Language Club officer senior Minh Thu said. “However it is difficult not being able to converse in person.”

With virtual students granted limited access to the inside of the school and other students being at high risk for COVID-19, most clubs have resorted to the video call platform Google Meet for their meetings.

“Currently the format of NHS meetings involves in person students meeting in the library, and virtual students that join our Google Meet,” NHS member senior Alessandra Flor said. “At the very end of our meetings both in person and virtual students have the opportunity to ask any questions they have.”

While some clubs use Google Meet for their meetings, other clubs use the learning platform Schoology to post their club’s information.

“Our meetings are pre recorded by some of the officers in person and they are posted at 3:00pm on our Schoology every other Thursday,” Key Club member senior Kimberly Dorsey said. “We start with a quick round of trivia and then we receive information about our upcoming volunteer events and our ongoing events.”

Even with this technological advantage, club members still feel the weight of changing times. This is especially true in Key Club with the club members now having the responsibility to design their own volunteer opportunities.

“Creating your own volunteer ideas is more difficult than being offered volunteer opportunities,” Dorsey said. “However we have had adjustments to our hour requirements which ensures that a lack of opportunities would not hinder any of our members.”

Some clubs are also sectioning their meetings into different different intervals to incorporate new and old members.

“We format our meetings into two 15 minute classes with the first half for beginners and the second half for more advanced members,” Thu said. “We also meet every other Tuesday using in person and virtual meetings in the morning and only virtual meetings after school.”
With the start of the school year being delayed, clubs are just now beginning to meet. However, club members are optimistic about what this year will bring.

“We just received our acceptance letter and were inducted on October 19,” Flor said. “I believe this club will bring us plenty of opportunities and give us some sort of normality during this pandemic.”