Students encouraged to wear masks correctly


Jill Chumley

Students wear their mask correctly as they head to their next class for the day.

Maddy Johnson, Staff Writer

Many students have seen different variations in mask wear over these first few weeks of school, but to keep from spreading the virus students must wear their mask correctly over the nose and mouth at all times in school.

“We need to teach the reason why we wear masks, it’s for you, it’s to protect you. We have to make sure that students are aware and they are educated,” school nurse Joni Robertson said.

When masks aren’t covering the nose, their purpose is defeated. Masks should cover the mouth and nose at all times, unless given permission to take it off.

“Having your nose and mouth covered is really essential. Because we don’t want the virus to spread,” German teacher Brenda Bauske said.

Masks are not perfect, so students need to take extra precautions to stay safe, like sanitization and social distancing.

“We want to use a mask whenever we can’t be more than six feet apart,” school nurse Karen Landreneau said. “The other things you want to do are washing your hands or using hand sanitizer when you can’t get to a sink, staying six feet apart, and staying home when you’re sick.”

Some students are starting to feel uncomfortable when they see someone wearing a mask incorrectly, but many feel it is okay to call others out and ask them to wear their mask correctly.

“If you see someone wearing their mask wrong, you could simply say, ‘Hey, could you please slip your mask on, just out of respect for me and other people?’” sophomore Kate Jakoby said.

Masks shouldn’t be reused and cloth masks need to be washed after every use.

“Don’t wear a dirty mask. Get a clean one,” Landreneau said. “If it gets wet and saturated, the fabric isn’t doing its job, so it needs to be changed.”