A new chapter for the library


Jill Chumley

Misty Schattle is currently working as a new librarian.

Cindy Nguyen, Staff Writer

Every morning, the library doors open, the lights fill the empty room, computers get set up, emails are answered, and at the front desk, new librarian Misty Schattle begins her day.

Her chapter began when she saw the posting for the librarian position. Schattle heard many positive things about the school, specifically the library, prompting her to apply.

“It’s a beautiful library. Honestly, it’s the newest library I’ve ever worked in,” Schattle said.

Schattle’s coworkers, including assistant librarian aide Melanie Uhlman, have had positive experiences working with her so far.

“Working with Mrs. Schattle has been amazing. I look forward to coming to work because she is so pleasant to be around,” Uhlman said. “She is kind and always willing to help with anything.”

Schattle and Uhlman strive to make the library welcoming and hope that they are meeting that mark.

“Our students have been wonderful. I love helping students learn to navigate our library and discover all of the great things that we have to offer,” Schattle said. “I am never too busy to help a student find answers to their questions.”

Back in college, Schattle had no intentions to become a librarian. Instead, she was interested in the arts of history and museum study, though it did prompt her to wind up in the university’s music library.

“I worked in the fine arts library and had an amazing supervising librarian who was so wonderful,” Schattle said.

This year, I am looking forward to getting to know students and staff so that I can further help them with their information-gathering needs.”

Originally studying to be a museum curator, the supervising librarian recommended she worked in libraries.

“For me that was it,” Schattle said. “From that moment on, I wanted to be a librarian.”

Schattle previously worked as a librarian at multiple high schools and elementary schools for 13 years before her arrival at TMHS.

“I wanted to work with books, touch all of them, know where they went, know how to find them, and know how to connect them with the right person,” Schattle said. “I had the right person to guide me towards that direction.”

Uhlman notes Schattle’s strengths like organizational skills. She keeps a comprehensive spreadsheet of the hundreds of books she’s read every year.

“Her best qualities as a librarian would have to be her love and knowledge of reading,” Uhlman said.

The main reason she became a librarian was that she loves to read, but more importantly, she loves to connect students with the perfect book. She wants to work with kids to teach them how to find good quality information from books for research.

“Books should always be mirrors, windows, and sliding glass doors,” Schattle said. “It is so important for us to be empathetic people; to put ourselves in other’s shoes.”

Despite the change in learning environments due to COVID-19, she did not face difficulty adapting to it.

“Honestly, it felt just like it does in a regular classroom,” Schattle said. “No matter if they’re here or at home, they still have access to the same resources.”

A goal she plans to achieve for the library is to make it a place where everybody wants to come other than for research. Another goal is to create activities for students to participate in.

“I would like to incorporate maker space projects,” Schattle said. “I’d like to make a project close to prom or homecoming (of next year) where we make accessories out of paper or old books.”

Aside from books, research, and fun activities, Schattle also shares more serious thoughts on the importance of her job. She believes that librarians not only have a lasting impact on the school but also on the wider community.

“They say that librarians like to quietly disrupt the status quo. I think it’s true,” Schattle said. “They fight censorship-making choices for other people. There should be some freedom of choice in what we read and experience.”

Uhlman wishes the best for the library going forward.

“I hope working with Mrs. Schattle will bring more students to the library for not only help with their education but also for their entertainment and enjoyment from reading,” Uhlman said.

Schattle also hopes more students will get a chance to visit the library.

“This year, I am looking forward to getting to know students and staff so that I can further help them with their information-gathering needs,” Schattle said. “I invite all students to come to the library to see exactly what your library has to offer you.”