Cheer team undergoes changes


Courtesy of Bailey Davis

Cheerleaders pay attention to their coach before heading on the bus.

Bailey Davis, Contributing Writer

While the whole school has been challenged this school year with new changes, the cheerleading team has undergone several adjustments of its own. In the last few months, the cheerleading program went through several changes, starting with the addition of two new coaches, head coach Sarah Ellison and assistant head coach Kathleen Gabriel.
Senior captain Sterling Soto has been on the cheerleading team since her freshman year and has been adjusting with the new changes and the new environment.
“It was a little intimidating,” Soto said. “But we’ve already formed such a close bond with Coach Ellison.”
Ellison began coaching at Tomball Memorial over the Summer along with Gabriel. Ellison came to Tomball from Oak Ridge High School in Conroe, Texas after years of coaching at various schools.
“I was looking for a change and heard great things about Tomball ISD. I did my research about the cheerleading program, and I felt I would be a great fit,” Ellison said. “And I thought that I was exactly what the athletes needed to excel and advance in this ‘competitive’ cheer world.”
Since her arrival, Ellison has made significant changes to improve both the cheer team and their reputation, according to junior Paige Faber. The biggest change, according to both Soto and Faber, was their game day appearance.
“We now have new material that incorporates signs, megaphones, and stunts,” Soto said. “These are all necessities to max out a cheer team while they are on the sidelines.”
While she has changed the team’s appearance and reputation to the public, Ellison has set a different goal for the team.
“My main goal is for the athletes to love cheer again,” Ellsion said. “Athletes should be a part of a program because it fills their hearts with happiness and joy, and because they love the sport all together.”
Since Ellison’s arrival, the team has presented to be growing and thriving with all the new changes. As the year goes on and Ellison continues to work with the team alongside Gabriel, it seems the cheerleaders have a very bright future ahead.
“The changes the coaches have made have established a new and improved program that will continue to grow,” Faber said. They are rigid with their expectations, and want to see all of us become better cheerleaders and role models for the school.”