Senior becomes candidate for Presidential Scholars Program


Laurie Carrillo

Senior Braden Box became one of 4500 nationwide candidates for the Presidential Scholars Program.

Veronika Boyrie, Staff Writer

Every school year, a committee goes through the top students of each state by assessing SAT and ACT scores to nominate candidates for the U.S. Presidential Scholars Program. One of the nominees this year is senior Braden Box, and if he wins, he will gain the opportunity to go on a tour in Washington D.C., attend award ceremonies and take a picture with the president.
“This program is pretty amazing and would definitely be an experience of a lifetime,” Box said. “I will not receive any grants like from a scholarship but I would receive an award that I could use for resumes and my future career.”
Box is the valedictorian of the class of 2021 and his main extracurriculars are band and robotics. Due to the workload he has, Box has had to develop skills such as time management and he struggles to find spare time for relaxation and his family.
“A lot of the times I am just prioritizing what will take the most time to finish and then I fit in all the other small things,” Box said. “Some advice I have is if you are having trouble managing your schedule, plan it out using a calendar and try to keep track of due dates instead of doing everything the night before.”
Senior Chance Storey, a friend of Box, met him through classes such as computer science and robotics and believes multiple aspects went into the academic achievements Box has worked for including persistence and work ethic.
“Braden definitely has an amazing work ethic and he is always on top of everything,” Storey said. “He is the friend that gets everything done ahead of time.”
Box is already planning out his future and while he is still waiting for some colleges to get back to him, he is certain about majoring in electrical engineering.
“I have always been drawn towards electronics and circuits and going into that field would allow me to dive deeper into that and pursue it as my future career,” Box said. “I’m pretty excited to go to college and while it will probably be fairly difficult, I believe it will be a great experience and I hope I will use it in my life.”
Box has enjoyed his high school experience and while he is excited for the next chapter of his life, he will always remember the many memories he has accumulated.
“One of my favorite memories was during freshman year whenever the band went to a state marching band competition and we got to perform in San Antonio,” Box said. “I remember being in awe and really excited for what would come next.”