Students Celebrating Diversity

Devin White

As students walked down the foreign language hallway on Monday, they smelled food, heard music, and experienced cultures from all over the world.

With the diversity of people in the city of  Tomball growing rapidly, students at Tomball Memorial and Tomball High School participated in Cultural Awareness Day. Classes were assigned different countries and students would research the culture of that country like food, music, religion, government, tourism, etc. “It was pretty cool,” said Ryan Cronin, “we learned about all the different factors of Argentinean culture.”

Mexico was located right across the hallway in Ms. Rosalinda Osnaya’s class where you could smell the salsa and tamales, “We had fun doing this project,” said Osnaya, “It’s nice to se how Tomball has cultural diversity.”

Other countries included Puerto Rico, France and Germany. “I think this project was very informational for students and fun,” said Tony Barrett, “students aren’t only learning how to speak another language in my class, I’m also teaching them how to apply it in the real world. Maybe they can travel to a different country one day and use their skills in real life.”