Just a Good ol’ Boy

Robert Carlile, Junior Editor-in-Chief


Engines roar as mud flies off the tires, throwing it in every direction. The outdoors is home to our fellow wildcat, sophomore Christian Hollywood.

Hollywood was in a Mule 4×4 when he rolled and was ejected from the vehicle, after he landed, the rollcage from the Mule landed on top of his head. Hollywood has multiple fractures in his face and will need to have his jaw wired for proper healing.

“My parents woke me up on Monday morning while they were on the phone with Christian’s parents, once it hit me that it wasn’t a dream, I started to cry,” sophomore Chase Stanley said.

Stanley was the first to hear the news that Monday and immediately took the task of notifying his closest friends of the tragic news.

“Chase texted me and told me the condition Christian was in,” sophomore Sarah Toups said. “I instantly started to bawl, I couldn’t imagine losing one of my closest friends.”

Hollywood’s friends are all gathering together to support his family and each other in this time of uncertainty.

“Since the accident my days haven’t been the same, Christian is a huge part of my life and not seeing him is just eerie,” Stanley said.

Currently, Hollywood is being held in the ICU and is still undergoing multiple MRI’s to help further determine the extent of his injuries.

“His family is very supportive of Christian and this situation is no different,” sophomore Spencer Waites said. “So many prayers are going to Christian and his family in their time of need.”

Family is only allowed for visitation in the ICU, but that has not stopped his friends from supporting and showing their love for their best friend, Christian Hollywood.

“Christian is the strongest person I know, this will only be a bump in his life,” Waites said.