We Got the Beat: Roarin’ Blue Drumline

Devin White

The Roarin Blue Band’s Drumline rocks the half time portion of our Junior Varsity Wildcat football games and they rock the stands.

“Not everyone in band can be part of this section,” said Tyler Fontaine, “it takes hard work, dedication, and determination to be the best we can be every week in those eight minutes of half time. Being part of the bass drum line means we have to work harder to make sure we know our parts. We are five different people, but we must sound as one when we get on the field.”

Under the direction of Mr. Chris King and Wes Hegglund, the drumline is pushed to the limits to do the best they can do. “We had 2 hour practices every Monday in June over the summer,” said Nathan Edwards, “we also had drum camp the week before band camp started, and even today we spend our days off from practice after school in the band hall practicing.”

At the pep rally, students danced and jammed out to the drumline’s stand jams which include Honey Badger, Ali Baba, Fuzzy Dice, Shredded Munchkin and Cheese and Sprinkles. “We got the name Honey Badger after Mr. King showed us the hilarious video on YouTube,” said Ali Madere, “and Ali Baba was named after me! It has to be my favorite since I do have my own solo at the beginning.”

But with all this hard work and determination, sometimes friendships have to be put on hold. With the Katy Invitation Marching Contest this weekend, the drumline has put aside their bonding sessions to practice and make sure they’re ready to make their mark on the field.

“I’m ready to show all the other schools at this competition that we’re not just some beginning drumline that’s never seen a drum in our life,” Said Drum Captain Sienna Hopkins, “it’s time to show what we’ve got and get recognized for all of our hard work.”

The Katy Invitational Marching Contest will be held at Rhodes Stadium Saturday, October 8th. Our own Roarin’ Blue Band will perform at 1:00. Come out and show your support!