Cadet Makes it to the Top

Corey Bryan

Cadet Sgt. Dylan McKain has the most admirable position in ROTC the Commanding Officer because of his knowledge, loyalty and dedication to the program. McKain has put a lot of effort into Tomball Memorials ROTC program, getting here at 6:40 a.m. and leaving at about the same time in the evening everyday.

McKain is also the Commander of the Color Guard in ROTC and he is also on the Armed Drill Team. By the end of the year, McKain hopes to be a Cadet Captain or a Cadet Colonel depending on the size of the unit, and is working towards “traditions” that will be set for the later years of the program such as cadet haircuts.

Student leadership, which can some times be an issue with ROTC apparently doesn’t have that much of an issue here. At most schools, the new cadets usually have a problem adjusting to the upper classmen being in charge. But that is not the case at TMHS. “Here it depends on the leader,” McKain said, “whether he or she is yelling his head off all the time or not.’ McKain said that the Tomball Memorial ROTC program’s uniform has a “better feel” to it than its counter part, Tomball NJROTC. It “fits better, nice and tight and not too baggy.”

With the Tomball Memorial vs. Tomball rivalry building McKain said, “We’re getting ready for what’s coming, we train hard everyday and we will be ready for it.” Without the upperclassmen portion of the unit, the cadets will have a better chance of achieving “higher rank.”