Acne No More

Chelsea Maldonado

When you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror, you want to see your skin clean and clear. Most of the time this isn’t the reality. Most teenagers suffer with acne problems. How is it that your simple translucent NC15 powder can cause skin reactions? Makeup is meant to make your face look beautiful and airbrushed, instead you roll out of bed with acne. Some people don’t have acne because they don’t wear makeup or they wash their face properly.

However some makeup contains certain oils that can collect on your face and clog your pores. By using different products and makeup at once you could have a chemical reaction. Between volleyball games, football games, staying late after school and practice most teenagers don’t have the time to wash their face properly.

You can avoid reactions and acne by washing your face diligently, removing your makeup at the end of the day and immediately after exercise. Another way to avoid acne is to use makeup that is oil and fragrance free. With a good skin care routine and quality makeup your skin can be clear and clean.