Bullets Stealing Butterfly Wings

Aiden Gamble

Guns don’t kill people…people kill people– but having a gun tends to help.

You see, unlike people, bullets don’t have a conscience, they don’t have any thoughts or morals and they certainly don’t know the difference between killing murders or civilians, between soldiers or mothers and they don’t know the difference assisting in the suicide of the mentally deranged and the slaughter of 20 innocent children.

Bullets really are the most coldhearted of all killers.

Here in America, we promise to persecute all that take another human life senselessly in acts of murder, torture and abuse. Yet, the cases of bullets and their controllers- guns- that commit these heinous crimes on an hourly-daily-weekly-monthly-yearly basis are allowed to roam free in city streets and in the hands of people who do not understand what a bullet can do.


Has our Nation grown so complacent with the murder rates and the over-the-top imprisonment that occurs in the inner city, the outer city, the suburbs and the country?

The White House does not want for crimes like these to happen- at least, the Democratic portion of it- and wants a reform, a reform that would include the Senate picking a real head for the ATF [Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms] instead of letting a U.S attorney run it part-time. A reform that would be headed by the Vice President and thus wouldn’t drop out too far from the spotlight.

This issue of gun assisted murder cannot escape the minds of people everywhere. Guns in society need to be watched and the groups responsible for regulating them need to do just that- regulate them responsibly.

Civilians have no need for weaponry that is used in warzone combat.  Semiautomatics don’t belong in the suburbs.

The time for a reformation needs to come now.  The lives of 20 children and the many more that have died going to do some holiday shopping, or going to see the latest premier of a blockbuster or of the people who have gone to work or to their university will not be in vain. This issue is not about snatching away the hunting rifles or the private protection weapons, but about protecting the nation, state and community we live in safer. This cannot be ignored any longer… more killings like the one in Newton will occur if time passes and nothing changes.

Bullets don’t have any morals-they don’t care about how much blood they spill, but we do.

And we should care.

[an editorial by Aiden Gamble]