Aiden Gamble

The internet.

The world wide web is a place of wonder and all the social media that one could possibly want or imagine. With all this virtual media, it’s easy for teenagers-who are usually in high school- to get distracted.

It’s something that everyone uses on a constant basis and after a several long weeks of doing nothing but sitting on the sofa or chair logged in and actively online being back to school has snapped people out of their internet habits.

“I’m constantly using it [internet], ” junior Daniel Cartwright said. “But no way I’m addicted. I browse through Twitter every five seconds and I can browse through useless things for hours, but I’m definitely  not addicted.”

Sites most commonly used by high school students are networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter while other sites like Youtube and Pintrest come in a close second.  These sites run via user submissions and are updated frequently, thus causing for some sense of distraction when it comes to checking them in school or during study-time.

“I go online everyday, ” junior Maanasa Chitori said. “Whenever I’m online, I usually open up YouTube….and get distracted by it, especially when I’m doing homework.”

A majority of students get online to check answers or to type up essays, with good intentions of completing an assignment, but more often than not, that call of the Facebook notification or the chirp of a Tweet gets the better of them and all thoughts of academia are pushed to the outskirts of their minds.

“I’ll be typing up a lab report, but then I’ll open up Facebook,” junior Spencer Holoak said. “I’ll starts scrolling down my page and before I know it, it’s been two hours and nothing’s been done. I haven’t written a single word and my relationship status is still single.”

Though sites such as Facebook and Twitter are known by a majority of the student body to be a Class A distraction, many still use it during after-school educational time.

“It’s something that everyone uses.” sophomore Megan Guy said. “I don’t mean to get distracted, but it just sort of happens after a while.”