Swim Goes to State

Kaylee Starks, Contributing Writer

Four Tomball Memorial swimmers prepare to go to the Texas State High School state swim meet this weekend.  Catherine McFarland, Lauren Ellison, Shayne Gregson and Katherine Moore are the four young ladies who placed in regionals and are moving on to the state meet.  All four of them will compete in the 400 meter freestyle relay as a team, and Katherine Moore and Shayne Gregson will each compete singularly.

Catherine McFarland, a freshman on varsity, made third in the 100 meter butterfly event as the only freshman against more than 50 juniors and seniors.  McFarland swims on the varsity swim team and also for Tomball Area Swim Club.  Practicing more than 15 hours a week, McFarland prepares her body by eating healthy and her mind by reading scripture.

Jitters turn into excitement for McFarland as she competes against older and taller kids.  “I’m nervously excited,” said McFarland, “I know Magnolia West and Huntsville are two schools that will be hard to beat.”  Catherine hopes to place in the state meet and make her Coach and her team proud.

Shayne Gregson, a sophomore on the TMHS varsity swim team, is competing this weekend with McFarland in the 400 meter butterfly relay and also the 200 meter freestyle solo event.  She stays focused by practicing and keeping her mind focused on school.  “School is important to me,” said Gregson, “even though I’ve been practicing nonstop lately, I still try my best in school.”

Gregson is honored to have qualified for state, and to compete against so many amazing swimmers.  Even if she doesn’t place at state, Gregson is still proud to have made her goal; to letter in swim.  Having to only qualify for regionals meet to letter, Gregson has surely surpassed her goal.  “It’s always nice to meet your goals,” Gregson said, “But when you exceed them, you exceed expectations of yourself too.”

Even though all four of the girls that qualified for the state meet are young, they are certainly a force to be reckoned with.  All girls hope to make their school proud and bring home gold medals from this weekend’s State meet.