Markings of the Silence

Aiden Gamble

Ever walked into a room, gotten up to take care of something or begun to write something down, only to promptly forget what it was you were doing?  Where AP Psychology would have you believe that you’ve got some inherent encoding error with your short term memory, Doctor Who fans know the truth- you’ve just seen one of the Silence.

The Silence- a religious order discovered during Doctor Who’s 6th season- work in ways humans cannot comprehend  well mainly it’s more that humanity cannot remember what they saw in terms of the Silence because as soon as one looks away from the alien, they immediately forget all memories of the creature, except for any influences placed on them beforehand.

“Those things scared the living heck out of me,” freshman Alexandria Samuels said. “I mean, Doctor Who already has some creepy stuff, but the Silence took the cake.”

Though , the idea of the Silence captivated Whovians worldwide, which in turn created the idea of having a national ‘Day of the Silence’ on April 23rd.

“I first saw it on tumblr, “Junior Daniel Cartwright said. “I follow a few Whovians there and I saw it was supposed to be a pretty big thing. People really love their fandoms.”

What are these marks for? Any ideas?

It’s not what one would normally assume.

“If you see someone covered in black tally marks, they’re trying to remember how many silence they’ve seen before looking away,” Junior Marina Harlon said.

Well, to put into non-Whovian turns, each time a person catches sight of a Silence, they take a sharpie and mark themselves  in order to remind themselves that they saw a Silence after turning away. It’s a spooky idea, and yet an idea that executive producer Steven Moffat decided to take.

“Moffat is a complete genius, ” Samuels said. “I’d have never thought that Who could get any creepier, but it did.”

Even if no Silence are lurking around the streets of Tomball,  black marks still covered the arms of all those who love Who in the area.

“I did it- and people thought I was emo for a bit, ” junior Daniel Simm said. “Even though I knew they were joking, I still washed it off and redid the marks in blue.”