Hail to the King Makes Fans Bow.

Hail to the King is the latest released album by the band Avenged Sevenfold [stylized as A7X] and is their first majorly released album since 2010. Having allowed nearly 3 years to pass by, this album is quite a turn from their previous five albums.

I came across it suddenly while reading Guitar World magazine over the last few days of summer vacation and nothing ‘new’  actually appealed to me while I was reading the article and really I wanted to choke the life out of them because their sound is one of their most important aspects. With their history consisting of albums meant to shock listeners through  a combination of hard rock and metal tracks with little tidbits of softer, yet equally dark piano tunes. [Think Evanescence],I highly doubted that they would strictly adhere to what lead guitarist Synester Gates called ‘keeping more focus on the songs themselves instead of filling it to the brim with crap.’

Of course, not everyone is cool with change. Remember Obama’s campaign slogan? Change.  People hated on that, and just like everything else, supposed ‘fans’ are hating on the new album as well. I’ll admit it; I’m not 100% keen on each and every diversion from Nightmare, but that’s because it’s a new thing. Don’t expect to love this album at first note if A7X is [and always has] a big part of your evening playlist, but do expect it to compel you listen to the entire album over and over until you finally do love it. If not?Give it a shot, you might find yourself surprised at what you find.