Finding Her Voice: Accomplished

Vibrations in her pocket interrupted her conversation and as freshman Falon Blanchard pulled out her phone, it was that moment she found out that she had made the talent show.

“I was so excited when I found out,” Blanchard said. “My friend texted me and told me, and I was happy because she had made it too.”

Warming up for her audition singing “Make You Feel My Love,” she admits she was actually pretty nervous. “I heard everyone else and I was super unconfident for a while,” Blanchard said. “But a lot of my friends said I’d do great, and that helped a lot.”

But now that she knows she’s officially in the show, the tension is off of her shoulders and all that’s left is the competition.

“I don’t really feel challenged next to everyone else,” Blanchard said. “I think everyone has their own talent and they all have a unique way of showing it.”

The show is peeking around the corner, and she anticipates everyone close to her will watch her perform. “My friends and family are coming out to see me,” Blanchard said. “I’m glad they’re there to support me.”

Most people are antsy and nervous before a performance in front of a full auditorium, but Blanchard is no stranger. “This school and the people that go here make me comfortable,” Blanchard said. “So I think it’ll be easy to perform in front of everyone.”

Her vocal talent has been no secret to Blanchard and those around her for quite some time now.  “I’ve been doing this since I was three,” Blanchard said. “I got a Barbie karaoke set and I’ve been singing ever since.”

A devoted choir member, Blanchard knows for a fact that throughout her life she wants to continue music as a career.

“Singing is a huge part of my life,” Blanchard said. “It’s something very important to me, always has been and always will be.”