Preparing for Hurricane Harvey

Katie Ann McCarver, Online Editor

As of right now, school is cancelled on Monday, the 28th of August. According to the official school website, administrators district-wide are tracking the tropical storm dubbed Hurricane Harvey.

While many students have grown up in the tropical hazards of Houston, just as many are not originally from the area and unaware of standard hurricane protocol. Below are listed a couple of tips on how to prepare for Harvey, and how to spend the extra time inside.

First, it is best to stock up with food and beverage as a precaution. An uncanny amount of surrounding grocery stores have already emptied their shelves, but rumour has it that edible reinforcements are en route from northern Texas. Make a trip to the supermarket and purchase water jugs, gallons, or bottles. Be careful to stick mainly to non-perishables such as canned foods or snacks like granola bars. In the event that the power goes out, a refrigerator full of food with a fastly approaching expiration date may come to be a burden.

Speaking of power, be sure to charge all electronics by whatever means possible. That includes laptops, tablets, phones, portable chargers, et cetera. A common commodity during a hurricane and/or consequent power outage is a generator. However, it’s not a dealbreaker. If one is without a generator and loses his or her power, there are ways to improvise. It’s important to have extra ice because a lack of power means a lack of air conditioning.

Finally, for those in possession of a car, fill up on gas prior to the torrential rains that are expected, just in case there’s not another chance. A good idea might also be to have an extra phone charger in the car if possible, because another power source can never hurt.

Based on local weather reports, Houston is expected to be hit by hard rain more than anything else. Should severe thunderstorms occur, meaning rapid lightning and thunder, oftentimes sleeping on the ground floor is a necessary precaution. The latter is particularly helpful in the case of those who live in neighborhoods heavily populated by trees or who have upstairs bedrooms with an excess amount of windows.

For more updates on the weather and how it will affect school, go to this weekend.