Mr. Wildcat Earns C.J. Fortune a Wildtastic Win

Sofia Gonzalez, Social Media Editor

Senior C.J. Fortune is the school’s 2018 Mr. Wildcat Winner, escorted by senior Emma Rivers. This pageant was held to not only get laughs out of seniors, but to also raise money for the senior prom.

“I wanted to do Mr. Wildcat to have a fun time and to make some final memories with some of the seniors and my closest friends,” Fortune said. “I also wanted to help out and make sure that we had contestants so that I could support the prom fundraiser.”

Escorts were either chosen by the Mr. Wildcat contestant, or the escort could persuade a boy into entering.

“I knew I wanted to compete in Mr. Wildcat, but I didn’t know who I wanted as my escort,” Fortune said. “So, I didn’t choose my escort, my escort chose me. She literally handed me the paper and demanded that I do it so that she could do it with me.”

Despite his win, Fortune did not prepare much until the day of the pageant.

“I actually had to work the day of the rehearsal and got there 5 minutes before they were finishing, so I didn’t really prepare,” Fortune said. “I just prepared myself and my escort to have fun.”

There were different acts throughout the night. Some acts included formal, dance, and casual wear.

“For casual wear it was more of a funny thing,” Fortune said. “We decided to do a lifeguard and swimmer injury incident, since I was on the swim team and that was such a big part of my life. We also played a couple games in the middle like Family Feud and eating Oreos off our foreheads.”

Throughout the pageant, Fortune had the mindset that he was not doing well and did not expect his win.

“I wasn’t expecting to win,” Fortune said. “My close friends and my dad said that I was doing really bad and they were roasting me for it, which was kind of funny, so I really didn’t think I would make it to the finals.”

However, Fortune enjoyed his time and is glad that he participated in the pageant.

“My advice to the soon to be seniors is to 100% do Mr. Wildcat if you can,” Fortune said. “It was a lot of fun, it’s going to help make your prom better and it’s something most people haven’t done before.”