Best Buddies: A Club for Connection

Brooke Ontiveros, Staff Writer

Best Buddies, a new club coming in the 2018-2019 school year, will be pairing PALS members and students in an effort to promote friendship despite developmental differences.

“This program has been extremely successful at other schools,” teacher Tancy Juliano said. “We’ve had a good turn out, over sixty people so far.”

Not all club members will be assigned a specific buddy, since predictions indicate only 12 available buddies, many members will be associate buddies that help with general club needs like the weekly parties.

“Potential matches will send their application straight to the Best Buddies advisory board,” Juliano said. “In August we will start to make those matches with the buddies.”

Unlike other clubs, Best Buddies requires a more precise documentation of commitment. Weekly reports will be recorded to track members and their buddy’s interactions.

“Assigned buddies will have a one year commitment,” Juliano said. “You’ll have to communicate with them once a week, and be together at least once a month.”

Despite the extremity of the time and effort commitment, excited students continue to come to meetings in mass.

“I was really excited when Mrs. Juliano told us about Best Buddies,” freshman Lauren DeSplinter said. “I don’t even have to be a one-on-one buddy, I would be happy being an associate buddy.”