Softball Loses to Elgin, Proud of what they Accomplished


Allison Greiner, Staff Writer

The softball team finished their 3rd round of playoffs, experiencing a tough loss against Elgin. Despite losing, the girls were proud of what they accomplished and excited that they had an unforgettable season.

“It was an amazing feeling to advance so far,” junior Madison Plaxco said. “We worked so hard and it’s great to see that it all paid off.”

Plaxco played first base position on the varsity team. One of her favorite aspects of this season was having the opportunity to make memories with her teammates.

“In playoffs, we bonded so much on all of the bus rides as well as team meals,” Plaxco said. “We have also bonded a lot with the coaches during this season, which was awesome.”

The team won 12 games and lost two this season. In playoffs, they won every game except in their third round.

“I believe we did so well because we worked extremely hard,” Plaxco said. “In order to not repeat our same mistakes, we practiced every day to make sure we were consistent and that we could focus on and correct the things we did wrong.”

One of the ways the coach pushed the softball team to do their best was to explain what they were doing wrong as well as ways to fix it. She applied pressure on the team in practice so that they were ready for their competitive games.

“Our coach pushed us every day to make us into the best players we could possibly be,” Plaxco said

Plaxco’s teammates helped to cheer her on and pick her up when she wasn’t doing her absolute best.

“My least favorite part of the season was when we played badly at practice because we all felt upset with the way we were playing,” Plaxco said. “However, my teammates were always there to bring a positive, encouraging environment to the table.”

Freshman Olivia Guindon was a catcher on the varsity team.

“It’s a huge accomplishment to advance this far, and my team and I are so excited,” Guindon said.

Guindon couldn’t have imagined a better season, and she is grateful for her friends and teammates.

“They have always had my back,” Guindon said. “We will always stick together through not only our successes, but our failures too.”