From the Football Field to the Dance Floor

Sofia Gonzalez, Social Media Editor

Prom was held on Saturday May 19th at the Woodlands Resort. Seniors Madison Huber and Dru Baker were given the titles of prom queen and king.

“No one likes to lose,” Baker said. “So when I heard our names get called as prom king and queen it was like a big sigh of relief.”

Prom day was a busy day for both Baker and Huber. Baker had just won round 3 of baseball playoffs, while Huber spent the day preparing for the night.

“I didn’t prepare for prom any differently,” Baker said. “In fact, I had no time to get ready. I had just played the third game against Tomball and had to go straight home to shower and change.”

Neither candidate was expecting to win, much less even be nominated.

“Madi and I had no clue that we were being nominated until someone sent us a picture of the Google form,” Baker said. “We never posted about our nomination and we didn’t ask anyone to vote for us, so when we won it was pretty cool.”

Huber and Baker have been dating for over a year, so despite the fact that they were not asking for votes, winning this made the end of their senior year more sentimental.

“Since we’ve been dating for so long it was really nice to win together because we are already so comfortable with each other,” Baker said. “It would’ve been weird if one of us would’ve won with someone else.”

Furthermore, the win also made their prom more fun.

“It didn’t necessarily make senior year better, but it did make the dance a lot more fun for us,” Huber said.

Huber, a Silver Star, and Baker, the star quarterback and baseball player, had the opportunity to dance together after their names were announced.

“Despite what you may think he’s actually a good dancer,” Huber said. “It was a lot of fun dancing with him and he didn’t step on my feet at all, which was nice.”

Their friends were also very excited for their win.

“I was so proud,” senior Emma Rivers said. “It was cool to see my two best friends win prom king and queen.”

Prom was the last dance that the class of 2018 got to enjoy together. It was their last time to all be together before they graduate.

“I enjoyed prom a lot,” Huber said. “I loved getting to dance with all my friends and just have fun with them before we graduate.”