Gearing Up for Homecoming

Allison Greiner , Staff Writer

This year, students will now be able to vote for the homecoming dress up days. Student Council sent out a google form to their members and promoted it on social media as well. Students can visit this survey on, and all are eligible to vote.

“I think it’s a positive idea to allow the students to vote because it gets kids excited about homecoming,” junior Makayla Benavides said.

The goal of the survey is to see what the student body wants for their dress up days. The options consist of Tacky Tourist, Squad Day, Disney vs. Nickelodeon, Meme Day, Career Day, Country or Country Club, Decades Day, Generation Day, and American Monday.

“Every student is highly encouraged to vote,” senior and Stuco junior committee chair Delaney LaFont said. “We want the student body’s voice to be heard.”

Students were able to vote on dress up days in the past. However, this year is different because more attention was received than normal, especially from the seniors.

“We’ve always asked for student input throughout the years, but this year in particular got a lot of attention due to the commotion at the senior meeting,” LaFont said

Members of Stuco encourage all students to participate in the dress up days because it hypes everyone up for the homecoming parade, football game, and dance.

“My favorite part is seeing all of the creative costumes and ideas my friends come up with,” LaFont said. “There’s always something new and exciting that gives me a good laugh.”

Along with dressing up, the homecoming theme will be released on Friday, September 28.

“We hope that the themes selected by the student body will excite them to participate in dressing up,” senior and Stuco officer Trinisa Fung said. “It’s our goal to increase unity and participation within the school.”