‘Navy Empire’ pumps up school spirit


Jill Chumley

The Navy Empire cheers for the senior class during the pep rally on Friday, November 15th. “We loved being loud and obnoxious,” senior Brooke Forsyth said. The Navy Empire, created to increase school spirit during pep rallies and football games, competed with the other grades to be the loudest and most spirited during the pep rally.

Skylar Willard, Contributing Writer

Last year, seniors Brooke Forsyth, Owen Moncur and Ashley Canchola noticed how the student section was quieter than other schools during the Friday night football games.
These students knew that they wanted to create a club to increase school spirit on Friday nights, so they decided to create the Navy Empire.
Now in their second year, they are continuing to increase the excitement in the student section on Friday nights.
“We noticed how the student section was really quiet,” Canchola said. “We wanted to find a way to get everyone hyped up for the football games.”
The purpose of the Navy Empire was to get more people involved with school activities (those who do not play sports) and to provide a fun and energetic environment during the games. These students also wanted to provide more ways to include students in school activities.
“Being a part of the Navy Empire is a great way for everyone to come together and grow closer with people of the organization,” Forsyth said.

It really motivates and fires up the players on Friday nights.”

— Cade Rodriguez

Being a member of the Navy Empire has not only impacted the people in it, but also the football players during their games, too. By having a supportive crowd cheering them on, the football team has been greatly impacted by the creation of the Navy Empire.
“The Navy Empire has a big impact on sports,” junior Cade Rodriguez said. “It really motivates and fires up the players on Friday nights.”
Additionally, those who have joined the Navy Empire have been able to be more like themselves and have exciting times during the Friday night football games.
“It really brings out who you really are,” Canchola said. “When people have joined, I’ve really gotten to see people’s true selves.”
Members of Navy Empire continue to talk about the positive impacts that come with being a member. Each of its members recommend all students join their cause as they continue to increase school spirit.