Construction prolongs injured dancer’s tenure on crutches


Courtesy of Kylie Rickett

Freshman Kylie Rickett’s time on crunches was extended due to effects of construction.

Trina Pagel, Contributing Writer

Many injured students use the elevators to get to their classes easily; however, because of construction, these students often have to use the stairs and endure more walking. One student, freshman Kylie Rickett, is a competitive dancer at Cypress Elite Dance Studio, and she has a fractured hip which has caused her to go on crutches. She is trying to heal up as soon as she can since the competition season for dance is in January.

Construction is necessary due to the school’s expanding population, but the students who need to quickly recover for sports are suffering from it.

“It has made the healing process a lot slower, because I am forced to walk up the stairs everyday to get to my class because of the wall that was built,” Rickett said.

As a member of a dance team, a group of people depend on each other, and when one is injured, the best they can do is motivate the team while trying to recover.

“This injury will affect my team by not being able to be there to clean dances as I can only watch,” Rickett said. “I am also the lead in one of them so the cleaning on that is completely stalled until I am able to dance.”

Not being able to work with your team and having to put on a smile everyday for them can be very emotionally draining to a teenager, but Kylie has been strong for her friends and family.

“It hasn’t really affected me emotionally because I just know to keep my head up no matter what, and that I’ll come back stronger from this and it has taught me lessons,” Rickett said.