TMHS Cheer Wins Gold At State

The TMHS Cheer Comes In First At State Championship.

Caroline Faulkner, News Writer and Photographer

The TMHS cheer team just recently won gold in the 6A-Division 1 Conference at the UIL Spirit State Championship, making school history! Held on January 14th, TMHS went up against 68 other incredible teams, and their spectacular performance earned them well-deserved admiration and respect.

Under Coach Sarah Ellison’s encouragement and leadership, the cheer team went under a great deal of preparation to ensure that their presentation was to the best of their abilities. Their performance made a significant impact on contestants and judges alike, gaining them their winning score of 87.47!

Coach Ellison is exceptionally proud of all of the cheerleaders’ determination and commitment to going above and beyond. “It’s an amazing feeling to be able to accomplish something as grand as this,” Ellison said. “That team put all of their might and left their hearts on the mat.” Ellison is not alone in her delight. Plenty of cheerleaders are overcome with joy as a result of their great achievement.

Micah Peterson, a freshmen cheerleader, is pleased with the outcome of the team’s efforts. “We worked so hard and for so long—so many after-school practices and hours spent training for it, so it feels really good, and I’m glad we won,” Peterson said. “I want to continue cheer for as long as I can.” The cheer team is a fantastic crew to be a part of, well known for its positive and inviting atmosphere; it’s no surprise that it captivates and inspires countless students.

Senior cheerleader Camryn McCarthy feels a great sense of fellowship and family among the cheer members. “I’ve been a part of the Game day Squad for four years now, and this is my favorite team that I’ve ever had,” McCarthy said. ”It is a great opportunity.” The cheer team’s unity and inspiring work ethic are exactly the characteristics that won them first place. Cheer is an outstanding group of hardworking, dedicated individuals who will undoubtedly soar!

The team will represent Tomball Memorial and Tomball ISD at the upcoming UCA National High School Championships in February.