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Ways to quell at-home boredom
Ways to quell at-home boredom
Chloe Carter, Staff Writer • April 18, 2020

With little to do besides search through the dredges of Netflix and make conversation with their dogs, it's a safe bet that high schoolers everywhere are experiencing record-breaking levels of boredom. Despite the fact that everyone is stuck indoors, these trying times have opened a lot of digital doors when it comes to opportunities for students to spend their time enjoyably and productively. Disney is offering a course about Imagineering: the creation of the attractions in the Disney Parks, from both creative and technological viewpoints. The course, entitled 'Imagineering in a Box,' is taught through Khan Academy and takes the learner through everything that goes into making an immersive, Disney-style theme park. The video lessons, which are narrated by actual Imagineers, are a behind-the-scenes look into how Disney Park attractions come to be, even for those not seriously considering...

Seniors participated in a senior sunrise in the fall. A senior sunset was originally planned for the spring.
Seniors face the effects of COVID-19 on end-of-year events
Laurie Carrillo, Staff Writer • April 13, 2020

When the final bell rang on March 6, no senior expected it might be their last day of in-person high school. Since the start of spring break, more that one million people worldwide have contracted the COVID-19 virus and Harris County officials have issued stay-at-home orders through April 30. With campus closed to contain the virus, seniors have taken a large emotional hit with regards to extracurriculars and senior events such as spring sports, prom, graduation, Mr. Wildcat and more. Most of these long-awaited affairs have been canceled or postponed. “All the uncertainty surrounding senior events is pretty disappointing,” senior Max Gray said. “These are things that many of us have looked forward to since we were freshmen or even earlier than that.” On March 25, Superintendent Martha Salazar-Zamora released a statement revealing the graduation ceremony will be postponed...

A cake baked by freshman Sydney Cooper.
How students are overcoming quarantine boredom
Madaline Cannon, Copy Editor • April 9, 2020

We’re all in this together. Whether you’re self isolating or social distancing here are tips from students to overcome boredom during the pandemic. Watch a show you normally would not watch on Netflix or Disney Plus Find new music Bake! I'm sure your family would appreciate it Paint Build a fort Read a book Do a puzzle Actually do your homework Practice your instrument, according to the band directors this makes you immune Play Animal Crossings New Horizon Go on a walk with your family Cover your driveway in chalk Watch the sunset Send letters through snail mail AP Economic students should join Mrs. Temperilli's google meet Wednesday and Thursday Senior Emma Lacour recommends downloading the new Animal Crossing game. “Download Animal Crossing New Horizons,” LaCour said. “It is worth your time and money.” Senior Emily Shaw recommends...

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