Discipline Breeds Greatness

The MCJROTC Prepares for Regionals

Caroline Faulkner, News Writer and Photographer

Following an outstanding performance at the 6th Annual Dayton Drill Competition on January 21st, the TMHS MCJROTC was awarded first place inspection, first place color guard (best CG commander), first place regulation drill, and lastly third place exhibition drill.

Thanks to the drill team’s expertise and talent, they received the opportunity to compete in the Regional Drill competition. This milestone, held on February 4th, 2023, in Dallas, TX, has left cadets proud and ready to tackle any upcoming challenges they face.

Sophomore drill team member Monqualin Johnson is impressed by the resolve demonstrated by the first-year drill team cadets. “This year we have a lot of new members on our team that show off discipline and determination, and that’s taken us pretty far,” Johnson said. “Much farther than a lot of us saw last year.” Johnson isn’t the only one who noticed the great amount of effort put in by both cadets and commanders alike. Other members share similar observations.

Sophia Ivchenko, a junior member of the drill team, is proud of the team’s dedication to the MCJROTC. “We’re very proud of our achievements, especially going to regionals this year,” Ivchenko said. “We’ve practiced every single day; we put so much time and effort into everything to make sure we achieve our goal.” These new developments in the MCJROTC have given the drill team members a sense of accomplishment and anticipation for the future.

Joshua Lopez, a senior drill team member, is confident in the MCJROTC’s abilities. “This year, I think we really deserved it,” Lopez said. “I’m excited to see what we can do.” MCJROTC is composed of amazing, driven students that have a sharp eye for success. There is no doubt that the MCJROTC will perform at their very best and face Regionals head-on.