Silver Stars Take on the Competition

Hiba Pasha, News Writer and Photographer

Tomball Memorial High School’s unbeatable Silver Stars won the crowd pleasers award on February 18, with winning first place in large team jazz, lyrical, pom, and novelty, overall highest team GPA, grand champion large team, overall grand champion, and more. A huge and amazing win from the Silver Stars this year and their countless wins from January to February. The girls and their coach, Mrs. Nail, are extremely proud and full of joy for themselves on how far they have come not as dancers, but as a team.

“We’re so big on our culture for our team, so it’s not about the winning all the time. It’s about them walking off the floor with no regrets and about them practicing the way they’re gonna perform,” Coach Nail said. “Seeing these girls push themselves beyond their potential everyday and knowing that they’re not doing it for themselves, but they’re doing it because the person next to them wants it even more, that’s the best thing a coach could ever want.”

Many of the girls made a special and groundbreaking performance, setting the bar for the Silver Stars at a high for other competitors. One being Shelby Morrison, a sophomore, who’s been doing Silver Stars since she came to Tomball Memorial, recently placed first in her trio. “We all bring the best out in each other because we can support and love each other, teamwork for us is a big thing. It feels great to be dancing with them; there’s a rush feeling when I dance and I love it,” Morrison said.

With the amount of compassion for each other, the girls don’t always look upon winning. They make sure to keep each other in line and make sure that they are dancing for the person next to them, not for themselves. “Before we even practice, we have a couple of minutes to catch up with each other and talk about things we might have missed. We make sure we keep the practice room vibe positive; someone might even play their favorite song as we stretch,” Meghan Oliveria said. She has been dancing as a Silver Star since her freshman year. “I’m really proud of us. Our last performance was super good. Obviously we have some things to tweak, but not every performance can be perfect. We just try our best, and that’s what matters when you’re with a team,” Meghan said.

With there being no more competitions this year, the Stars can look back to a year filled with success. With all they’ve accomplished, they are looking forward to auditions and working together as a winning team next year.