TMHS FFA Students Win 1st,2nd 3rd in Rabbit Show


Mrs Mohn

Top three rabbits.

Hallie Stewart, Editor

Students compete at FFA competitions every year; however,  it is not often that Tomball Memorial students take first, second, and third place in one category. Sophomores Avery Hyden and Lex Thomas, along with senior Blane Frost, won top three at the FFA competition on Thursday. After close scrutiny,
judges announced Avery Hyden’s rabbit at first place, which was followed by Lex Thomas as the runner up, and lastly, Blane Frost in third place.
For two years in a row,  sophomore Avery Hyden raised rabbits. “I originally chose rabbits because they are small, and I figured I could work my way up to a larger animal.  I enjoy raising them, so I think I’m going to raise them again next year. When I went to the competition, I knew that I would do well because my rabbits were relatively big and fat, but I did not think I would come first,” Avery said. “For anyone who is interested in raising rabbits or any other animal in FFA, my advice for them would be not to get attached to your animal because it will make it hard for you to let them go.” The year before, Avery won 9th place at auction for her rabbits and is proud of herself for improving her rabbit raising skills.
Sophomore Lex Thomas has been raising animals since her freshman year. Lex chose to raise rabbits because it is cheaper to raise than other animals. This is Lex’s first year placing top ten with her rabbits. “I was incredibly nervous at first because I was put on the front row right off the bat, and then when you get to the front, sometimes it can be hard to stay there,” Lex said. “When the judge came to my rabbit, he crossed my X’s off of my card and then pushed it towards my rabbits. I thought that my rabbit was going into the freezer because he wasn’t looking at the rabbit, and he’s just like passing me up. For a while, I was really nervous about not doing so well, but then he moved me up, and I realized that I made the top three. When they announced that I had received second place I almost fainted.” Lex’s second place rabbit sold at auction for $1800.
First time rabbit raiser, senior Blane Frost placed third overall for his rabbit. “In my opinion, rabbits are a lot easier to deal with than other animals because they are smaller than other animals. I really enjoyed seeing them in the morning and just taking care of them,” Blane said. “The judge said that I placed third because my rabbit’s fur wasn’t as nice as the other rabbits. I was ecstatic when I placed top 3 in the show.” Blane had previously raised goats, but didn’t do as well. This is what inspired him to raise rabbits this year.