FCCLA’s Great Success

TMHS wins State Champion at FCCLA Leadership Conference


Caroline Faulkner, News Writer and Photographer

TMHS just recently participated in the FCCLA State Leadership Conference, which took place in Dallas, TX, on April 1st through 2nd. Four of our competing teams finished in the top five in the entire state of Texas, with two of the teams progressing to the National Competition in Denver, Colorado, later this year. The four outstanding teams are ranked as follows: State Champion and National Qualifier: Food Innovations Level 3, 2nd Place and National Qualifier: Culinary Arts Level 3, 4th Place: Culinary Math Management, and 4th Place: Food Innovations Level 2.

The Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) is an organization that aspires to educate and bring understanding to societal matters including, but not limited to, parenthood, nutrition and fitness, sustainability, relationships, as well as career preparation. FCCLA is an incredible program that guides its members to develop into skilled and successful individuals, as demonstrated by the enthusiastic, hard-working FCCLA students who attend our school.

State Champion and Food Innovations Level 3 team member, Morgan Alter, admires the fellowship among all the FCCLA members. “You get to meet with other people who are from other schools who did the same thing, and you otherwise would’ve had nothing in common with them, but like, you can talk about your projects and what FCCLA has done for you,” Alter said. “It’s like a big family.” It isn’t just Alter who feels uplifted after the conference; her teammate, Samantha Beecher, shares the same sentiments.

Samantha Beecher, fellow Food Innovations Level 3 team member and State Champion was left content by the experience. “It was really cool to go up on stage and hear our name called out,” Beecher said. “It’s just really great overall.” The FCCLA experience is one that leaves a lasting impression on both its members and the community. The National Competitors will, without a doubt, give it their all at their next competition.