Inside Our Undefeated Water Polo Team

Hiba Pasha, News Writer and Photographer

Surging to get the ball with all their might and power, Tomball Memorial’s water polo team dominates the deep end of the pool with their outstanding gameplay and teamwork. The boys and girls are leaving their mark this year, especially with water polo now being added as a recognized UIL team. Both teams on campus are winning almost every game, letting other schools know that the Wildcats are back, better, and bigger than before.

Both teams made an impressive leap during their district game against Tomball and Klein Collins. In a close game going head to head with intensive play and anticipation, they were able to win and proclaim the undefeated title. “We are undefeated in our district game. We have not lost a district game, and they haven’t been able to score more than five points when they’re playing against us,” said Addison Sokol.

Coach Erika Kaiser, head coach of the water polo and swim teams, shows her gratitude and appreciation for her hard-working athletes. “The kids have made it really enjoyable; they work really hard. As a first-year sport here in Tomball ISD, there’s been a few kinks, but they’ve been very dedicated, putting in a lot of extra time, and learning to work together,” Kaiser said.

The boys and girls team have worked together to improve their skills and make sure that they’re putting their best foot forward when it comes to playing. Not only does there come hard work and dedication, but it also means being a good playing teammate and friend. “We give each other motivation to play better, and as a team, we’re really close. The entirety of summer we’ve played together. We push each other in practice and in the games,” said Thomas Turner. For the team, having a good connection with each other is important. Without proper communication amongst each other, they aren’t able to be their best.

The girls team will be up against College Park on Friday at 6pm at the TISD South Center, and the boys team will be up against Conroe on Saturday at 10:00am at the Woodforest Natatorium. All the players have expressed that they’re excited and can’t wait to show these schools they have the power. Good luck water polo!