New Year, New Wild Cat


Wildcats celebrate the new year, by revealing their New Year’s resolutions

Hallie Stewar

As we celebrate the new year of 2022, Wildcats state what they hope to achieve, and what  their expectations are for 2022.

Senior Victoria Isiaka

New Year’s Resolution
“My new year’s resolution is to keep my straight A’s and to stay consistent with it,” Victoria said. “I plan on working harder than I had the first semester and disciplining myself to keep studying and not catch a case of senioritis.”

Describe 2021 in one word
“I would describe 2021 as chaotic”

Freshman Kellen Highfiled
New Year’s Resolution
“I want to put a little more effort into my school work, and I wish to get my lettermen’s jacket for theatre,” Kellen said. “ I plan on focusing most of my time on studying and working hard so that I can reach my goal.”

Describe 2021 in one word
“2021 felt energetic to me”

Sophomore Lindsey Stewart

New Year’s Resolution

“ My New Year’s resolution was to manage my time more responsibly. I feel as though I focus my time too much on Color Guard, and I do not space my time out well which leads to me procrastinating,” Stewart said. “I am going to start planning out my activities, so that I can construct my time management better and start prioritizing the tasks that matter the most to me.”

Describe 2021 in one word
“For me, 2021 felt extreme, and I hope that 2022 could be a little like 2019”