Ranking Up: MCJROTC

Cadets Promoted

Caroline Faulkner, News Writer and Photographer

MCJROTC is one of the numerous clubs and educational initiatives at TMHS. The focus of the program is to promote leadership and create students who will grow into courageous and responsible model citizens. For kids who are interested in both moral and disciplinary development, the Marine Corps JROTC Program provides an outstanding co-curricular activity and educational opportunity.
Recent developments in the MCJROTC include the twenty-one cadets that were promoted last week, on January 6th, of the new 2023 year as a result of their hard work and steadfast commitment to the MCJROTC. Cadets Sara McCleery, Erich King, and Natalia Onate are among the individuals who were meritoriously promoted.
Sara McCleery, who was elevated to the rank of cadet corporal, feels successful in her new position and intends to keep moving forward. “I was happy when I found out that I was being promoted and thought that I had really worked hard for it,” McCleery said. “My goals are to just keep ranking up and do good in the program.” McCleery is not the only one who is happy with her new rank. Many promoted cadets feel accomplished thanks to their outstanding diligence and discipline.
Erich King, a newly promoted cadet Lance Corporal, has his sights set on moving up the ranks. “My goals are to just keep ranking up and make more friends.” King said. “After high school, I plan to join the military.” The MCJROTC’s foundation is built upon the dedication of all the students and instructors behind it. King’s choice to pursue a military career is one that many inspired cadets appear to follow.
Recently promoted cadet Lance Corporal Natalia Onate has always been drawn to the MCJROTC’s impressive display of discipline and cooperation. “What inspired me was seeing how they carried themselves and how they support each other as a group,” Onate said. “My favorite part is that everyone is like a family, so we know that we can rely on each other.” The Marine Corps JROTC Program is composed of driven, brilliant individuals that strive for success every day. All of the promoted cadets deserve congratulations; keep up the outstanding work!