Rodeo Houston Art Show

Hiba Pasha

With over 500 entries across all the campus, the annual Houston Rodeo Art Show became a high success for Tomball Memorial’s two winning students, 10th grader Gabrielle Nguyen and 11th grader Kaylie Perez with the help of their two art teacher, Mr. Carter and Ms. Salerno.

Gabrielle Nguyen was able to draw an amazing piece called ‘Through the Mud’, which she was able to earn the ‘Best of Show’ honor. “I felt really happy and proud to win because I haven’t been given the opportunity to do something like this before. I was really content with myself because I worked really hard for it and I’ve been really passionate about art, I got to finally see something come out of it,” Nguyen said. With the help of her art teacher, Ms. Salerno expresses her gratitude and acknowledgement to Gabrielle for winning the Rodeo Art Show. “I’m extremely proud of her, this is my first time doing the Houston Rodeo Art Show with my students, and the fact that it was actually one of my own students who won, it’s really special to me. I’m just really ecstatic and full of devotion for her.”


Kaylie Perez was awarded with a gold medal for her drawing of “Old Man Duncan”. “My art teacher gave me some pretty good advice to help me with the art show. Mr. Carter, had been a part of the Houston Art Show before, so it was pretty nice to get advice from someone who knew what they were doing,” Perez said.